Friday, August 6, 2010

Bug in Facebook login page

First of all I love Facebook. But this Facebook bug has been around for more than one and a half years now and sadly it has not been fixed even after informing Facebook in 2009 January under the subject "Resizing Welcome/Login page in Firefox-3 does not render the background". For a site used by millions of users daily, I was quite surprised to find this bug on Facebook's login/welcome page.

I checked this bug in Firefox 3.6, Internet Explorer 8 and Chrome 5, but I am sure this can be reproduced in all other browsers. Even thought the bug is in the login page, It's not a security threat of any sort and it seems to be a CSS styling issue.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to (if you are logged in to Facebook you need to log out first)
2. Make sure the browser is maximized and click on the "Restore Down" button next to the red close button on the top
3. Move the horizontal scroll bar to the right so that the Sign Up area can be seen.
4. BoooM!! Now you see that the background image does not get rendered. This make the input fields to look out of place.(See images below)

Current view of Facebook login page bug (2010-Aug)

Last year view of Facebook Login page bug (2009-Jan)

This is just one out of many Facebook bugs I have found, but I have no time to blog about it :)

Happy Testing!!


  1. Probably FB team considers this as a low severity defect since it's just a UI issue for Firefox, even though it's priority is much higher...

  2. As I have mentioned in my post this is not only a Firefox issue but it can be seen even in IE8 and Chrome as well. is a Islamic social networking site which looks similar to Facebook but they dont have this bug :)